Leeds Private Hire Drivers Organisation (LPHDO), was started in the autumn of 2017. LPHDO was started by a group of normal Leeds Private Hire Drivers, because they were fed up off the oppression and draconian laws and measures imposed on them by the licensing department of Leeds City Council.

The common concern / complaint from drivers was the council doesn’t respect us or appreciate the valuable part we play in transporting members of the public 24/7 & 365 days of the year. Most importantly instead of working with us to make our lives easier the council were bringing out more & more stupid and money making ideas like the camera car!

LPHDO grew from a handful of drivers to over 700+ members & growing daily. LPHDO is a non-profit making organisation & is purely funded by Driver membership & donations.

The aim of LPHDO is to make the working life of Leeds Private Hire Drivers easier & to speak up and fight their corner at the council decision making level.Leeds Private Hire Drivers have been ignored for far too long!
So if you’re a Leeds Private Hire Driver join us and let’s make a positive change for all your fellow drivers and the trade as a whole!

What We Aiming For YOU

Listening You

We take phone calls – from members and non-members alike – at any and all hours. Whilst it is reasonable to hope that folk would call during ‘office hours’, sometimes emergencies crop up that need discussing there and then. Also, we get emails from everywhere and endeavour to respond to them within hours, if not minutes. That attention to the caller or emailer has often turned non-members into members as they benefited from our assistance, or were merely grateful for being able to bend our ear and vent their frustrations.

Responding You

As mentioned above, we endeavour to respond to emails quickly; sometimes licensing authorities are taken aback by the speed of our reaction/response to a licensing situation, which is often diffused by such swift intervention. We write letters and emails to licensing departments; attend local council meetings on members’ behalf; assist members to lodge appeals in the Courts on trade matters.

Guiding You

We found that whilst licence holders were expected to know the legislation that governs their livelihood, very few licence holders were actually provided with copies of legislation. So we got into the habit of providing new members with copies of the primary legislation & guideline. Then if a problem crops up, they can phone or email us and we can talk them through the relevant sections of the relevant Acts, to try to lift the fog of legalese that so often is difficult to interpret.

Right Help For You

We have always maintained that this Association does not pretend to be all things to everybody. Therefore we keep a database of experts in other related fields, starting most significantly with legal representation. We can put members in touch with taxi-wise solicitors and barristers for Committee hearings, written Advice and Opinions, and representation in Court.

About Us:

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