Low Emission / Hybrid Vehicles

Leeds City council want to promote economical and low emissions vehicle.
Why are the council only looking at exempting fully electric or Hybrid Vehicles from the Clean Air Zone? Why not look at alternative cheaper options like aftermarket exhaust devices which clean the older Euro 4 / Euro 5 diesel emissions into Euro 6.
Why are only taxi drivers being charged? Why aren’t the general public being charged?

Too many stickers on our Private Hire Vehicles

We are in 2017 customer gets text message with driver name, car, registration number etc.
(Just rear plate will do which should include company name & number)
As too many private hire vehicles are getting bricked, stoned or vandalised when driven.
Also it catches a thief’s eyes when parked up as they think we keep loose change and Sat Navs in our cars.

Bus Stop Fines / Bus Lanes

We should be able to pick and drop off in a safe place
Allow the use of bus lanes to Private Hire Drivers at all times. (Sheffield, Newcastle, Middlesbrough & in York private hire can drive in bus lane why can’t we??

Tinted Windows

More and more vehicles which are on sale now have factory fitted tinted rear windows it can cost up to £1000 to change them!
Why aren’t we allowed factory tinted windows London Kirklees Bradford Wakefield etc. allow them?

Vehicle Entry Age

Why do new private hire vehicles have to be less than 5 years old…why can’t it be 6 or even 7 years old and last till 10 years without extension?
What difference does it make if a car is 1 year old or 10 year old, if it’s in road worthy condition then that’s all that matters?

High Licensing Fees

The council collect high fees from us…i.e. Badge operator change £25 fee, Vehicle transfer £60 fee, which they are then supposed to put back in to the taxi / private hire trade… they are a non-profit organisation

Dual Operators

Why do private hire have to have name of operator on badge and disc.
We are self-employed and we should be able to work for Dual operators…. (In London you can work for as many bases as you want, even in Kirklees, you can just work for any base without notifying council… in Leeds the council is making £25 each time we swap operators

X border Uber

X border Uber should be banned as Brighton and have York and few other councils have

Cat D category

In Kirklees you can plate a car on cat D category. Why not in Leeds if the vehicle is good enough for my personal use and passes MOT , why not for taxi . (my Auris got written off because of cost of new parts , not because of structural damage )

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